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Bilingual International Assistant Services is a not-for-profit 501 (C) 3 organization established in May, 2002.   Bilingual International was founded as a response to the unmet needs of the many seniors who had limited ability in the English language, were unable to navigate the intricate system of care, and often voiced fear over their future and livelihood.

In 2005, the agency began serving US-born older adults, who, despite knowledge of English, lacked knowledge of the system of care and resources.  Poverty stricken, isolated seniors who were also home bound and frail sought our services to help them improve their living situations, overcome anxieties, and increase their ability to maintain community living.

Free of negative bias, we advocate for and encourage legislation that promotes statewide accessible, appropriate health and social services for under-served individuals and populations.

Through our services and proven track record, we not only live our mission – we go beyond expectations to help our elderly and foreign-born communities.

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Lunar New Year Celebration

Every year in January or February, you would probably see Chinese people around you preparing for their celebration of New Year’s Day. Then you might wonder, New Year’s Day? Shouldn’t that be on January 1st? In the Gregorian calendar, the New Year’s Day always falls on January 1st. However, in Chinese culture and several others […]


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